Alexander McQueen

Spring/Summer 2016

The Arches were selected as the perfect underground location for the Alexander McQueen underwater-themed Spring/Summer 16 collection. In designs that explored the spirit of journeying and solitude, as well as how ‘the sea acts as a powerful opposite to the land, and as a place where men can make themselves new’, Sarah Burton chose the image of the sailor as an overarching motif.

Models walked the runway with windswept styling to a brooding soundtrack. Intricate prints characterised their looks, with patterns inspired by the folklore and myths surrounding the sea. Suits were decorated with multi-coloured monster prints or mermaids, and anchors were captioned with the word ‘Lost’, conjuring up images of men shipwrecked and abandoned at sea.

Founded in 1992 by Lee McQueen, the Alexander McQueen shows are continually revered as some of the most evocative and romantic exhibitions in fashion. Sarah Burton joined the company in 1996 and, after working side-by-side with Lee McQueen for more than 14 years, was subsequently appointed Creative Director of the brand in May 2010.

Production: Gainsbury & Whiting