The Guardian Upfront

Location House hosted Guardian Upfront, an event dedicated to demonstrating the numerous ways in which the Guardian is a platform for action and change. Carefully curated experiences filled every room; from politics to beauty, from video to food and drink.

Chief revenue officer Hamish Nicklin welcomed guests and urged the audience to consider the impact the Guardian has on peoples’ everyday lives. The evening was centred around being ‘bold, frank and honest – bringing clarity where there is confusion’. Guests were given the opportunity to drop into each room and immerse themselves in the various experiences on offer.

Beauty columnist Sally Hughes spoke frankly about debunking beauty myths, whilst the innovative FoodLab took guests on a sensory adventure. The millennial phenomenon came under discussion, as did the Trump phenomenon with Democrat DD Guttenplan and Republican Charlie Wolf debating the impending American election.

The night ended with an array of delicious cocktails provided by the experts at Mixologist and a DJ set by Radio 1 favourite Gemma Cairney.

Event production: Guardian Events

Photography Credit: Laura Kendall