Mr Brainwash

The Takeover

For his first UK solo show, the elusive artist Mr Brainwash took over all five floors belonging to the Old Sorting Office. The exhibition, which included a collection of contemporary paintings and giant sculptural installations, was inspired by his subversive perspective on twentieth-century icons and pop culture. An iconic centrepiece took the form of a 20ft. gorilla, weighing in excess of a ton.

Mr Brainwash is the artist alter ego to Thierry Guetta, who is perhaps most widely recognised for his Warhol-esque cover art for Madonna’s greatest hits compilation Celebration. He was also featured in the elusive Bristolian Banksy’s 2010 film Exit Through the Gift Shop, rendering him a prominent figure of intrigue throughout the art world. When interviewed by the BBC, Guetta confessed that “this is my first show in London and London is very powerful in the world of art so I know it is going to be hard”. The show was a brilliant success, with guests turning up in their legions to witness one of the world’s most unusually exciting artistic talents.

Production: Opera Gallery London LTD